Michael Kallenbach is a highly skilled and experienced couples psychotherapist specialising in relationship and marriage counselling. During counselling he is able to listen to your story carefully, helps you hear it and then allows you to come to your own conclusions. This creates a safe space for authentic and open discussion, encouraging self-reflection and facilitating change. Michael is an intelligent thinker and an astute listener with a clear and creative mind.

The aim of these relationship or marriage counselling sessions - whether in Central London or Marlborough - is to explore problems and conflicts in a supportive, professionally focused and non-judgmental environment - free from blame or advice.

Michael has extensive experience working with a wide range of people and their relationship issues - and firmly believes that therapy can make a significant difference to a person's life. He trained at the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships in London, world-renowned as a centre of excellence for the psychoanalytic study of the couple relationship.

Why shouldn't you have some therapy? I think it makes you a better person and affects your relationships too
—Sue Perkins, comedian and TGBBO co-host

Contact Michael to find out more or arrange an initial appointment, either in Central London or Marlborough. He is also able to conduct sessions via Skype or FaceTime.